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Are You A Builder?

We have a New Home Sales and Marketing Team that markets New Construction.

The reason we are different from the rest is that WE not only customize the marketing to the specific needs of each Developer/Builder, we also find the raw land/developed lots through our experienced Land Development Team.

With our system, we help the Developer/Builder market their subdivision through our real estate experience, our knowledge of the market and knowledge of the competition. We know the deal from ground to finish and we are with you every step of the way. Your success is our success and with our Turn Key System, we can be successful together.

We find the land, work with the financing/obtaining the land, work on the sales and marketing while it’s being developed, and then we put our system into place before you can get your equipment off the property. It’s a step-by-step system.

We also have over 1,300 in house agents that we market to on a weekly basis. Virtual Properties Realty is a high tech, state of the art firm. In just 11 years, we have grown from a start up to over 1,300 agents in the Atlanta area. Last year, the Atlanta Business Chronicle identified us as having more buy/sell transaction than any other real estate office in the Atlanta area. We are successful because we work to earn our clients’ business and trust.

Our goal is to provide a “Partnership” experience to the Medium and Small Builder industry. As our client we will meet with you to discuss your needs and identify exactly what you are looking for. We start the work with you from the Ground Up! Our “turn key” process starts by using our exclusive land division having extensive knowledge in the Land and Commercial space. The division, Georgia Land & Commercial Solutions uses state of the art technology to identify land and lot opportunities like no other company in today’s acquisition process.

Once we identify the land or lots for you, we can offer our capabilities with any rezoning entitlement challenges, we can assist in the land planning process for placement of lots, layout product design down to helping pick out marketable floor plans. We want to be there every step of the way during the construction process.

All this brings us to the best part Builders2Buyers brings and that’s Marketing and Selling the homes!

Our new marketing strategy will be to provide the services of an on-site agent, but with the experience of an independent agent that has been in the business since 1996. Head of the team is Kim Zax. With years of experience in new home construction, Kim will not only provide marketing, but will bring to the table my experience from the ground up. This is necessary for a well run and marketed subdivision. It allows a team effort for the success of you the client working with Builders2Buyers, the right choice for your home selling process…