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Agency Comparison

Questions to Ask Each Agent: Builders2Buyers Other Agency
1. Will you work exclusively for me? No re-sale business?
2. Do you specialize in New Construction sales?
3. Do you have a Land & Property Management Division to assist me?
4. Do you have a Project Manager to walk my homes during the construction phase?
5. Will you walk my community on a weekly basis?
6. If needed, will you provide and manage an onsite agent?
7. Will you assist in overseeing staging a Model Home or Sales Center when, or if, necessary?
8. Will you lock and unlock my homes daily?
9. Will you provide a New Construction Purchase Agreement tailored to my company?
10. Will you help in the facilitation of a Sellers Warranty?
11. Do you have a 90-day Marketing Plan for each stage of construction?
12. Do you have an on-line feedback/follow-up program?
13. Do you have the ability to send my listings to over 1,400 agents on a weekly basis?
14. Do you offer an Easy Exit Listing Agreement?
15. Will you provide a brochure website and floor plan for each home?
16. Do you have the ability to video my subdivision with a Drone to publish on social media?
17. Will you keep ALL social media updated on a weekly basis?
18. Will you keep my photos updated at every stage of construction?